Subscriber Portal

Let customers manage their subscriptions as they want

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PagStream® is all about flexibility, transparency, and giving the customers control over their choices. Our subscription management tool launches a dedicated place, aka the Subscriber Portal, for users to manage some parts of their subscription

Notify customers when there’s

a payment issue

Most subscription payments are made with credit cards. However, sometimes the transaction fails, and the customer’s credit card is declined.

Now customers will be notified about the issue, and they can access the subscriber login area and change their payment method to another credit card or local alternative such as Boleto Flash® or Pix.

Allow customers to change their payment method

When we think of recurring payments, what often comes first to mind is credit cards. PagStream® offers Brazil’s most popular alternative payment methods besides the traditional credit card, including PagBrasil’s exclusive Boleto Flash®, PEC Flash®, and PagBrasil Pix.

Besides changing the payment option, users can update personal information such as billing and shipping addresses and check payment history.

Let customers cancel their subscription at any time

Many Brazilians enjoy having several subscription accounts rolling over. The Subscriber Portal gives the customer the power and autonomy to “cancel a subscription” at any time without the need to get in touch with customer support.

Making subscription cancelation easier for the customer might sound counter-intuitive but making it difficult can increase the churn rate. In addition, confusing and complex cancelation can hurt a company’s reputation and customer experience.

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Available Integrations

Let us handle your

subscription life cycle

Increase your sales and conversions with PagStream®, our flexible ready-to-go solution for subscription management. Offer your subscribers multiple plans and bill them weekly, monthly, quarterly, semiannually, or yearly, with completely customizable rules.

PagStream® supports any monetization strategy and is perfectly adaptable for business models that work with recurring payments. Whether you are a streaming platform, e-learning website, a subscription club, or something else, your business can benefit from our comprehensive payment solution. PagStream® is also PCI compliant, offering you and your customers the highest safety standards

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